Thursday, April 18, 2013

Find 1/2 the garage.

Wow. That took a few hours.
I put together one shelving unit in two pieces. Tore up my right hand and then managed to get my car in the garage.

The big thing was taking most of my teacher papers and putting those and my books in plastic totes so the mice can't eat them. I hope to get the regular books into the house in the next month or so.
Don't want to stack them in the house - helps to get the shelves up and then put in the books.

The weather is a bit exciting today. It is storming big time in Detroit already. It's supposed to hit here later today. Probably after dark. Chicago had flooding and we probably will too.

And the guy came to mow the lawn. Yeah.
Few more people are trying to get theirs done before the storm.
Hmmm what's for dinner.

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