Thursday, April 11, 2013

Surprise New ........

This has been one of the most agonizing weeks I have had in a long time.

You'd think moving and the stress on the dogs and leaving my friends would top it off, but that is just the underlying back ground noise. I've embraced that change and am pretty good with it, I freaked out over that a few weeks ago.

After getting here and driving that whole way, Friday last week Tom and I drove all around town in my car looking for a desk and shelving units and all that other jazz we need for the house.  We had just finished and were heading home when a bunch of lights in the dashboard went off.  I didn't panic but my stomached dropped and the dread started creeping up on me.

Some of you may remember last fall when the car spent about 3 weeks at the dealership trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with it.  All the same lights were a part of this issue.  They drove my car for at least 500 + miles trying to figure it out and it just seemed crazy that with all the diagnostics they can do, the problem was stumping them.    They finally changed out a sensor and figured that was the deal.

I have tried to do right by this car, it is a diesel and the reason I got it was the 40+ one way drive to work each day. Well, I lost that job and still I tried not to just do little driving around town, because I knew the car needed trips on the freeway to make it happy.

Well, the car is out of warranty at this point.  Yes, I really did drive it that much in the year and 7 months that I have owned it.  We waited several days after Fridays light fantastic and took it to the dealership on Wednesday - yesterday.  We dropped it off and told them the sad story and went on our way to Costco for our first trip to the store in Nashville.

Of course the same type of problems came up in the car.  They decided to DRIVE it again to try and get the Particle Filter system to work out its issue.  Yup, put another 100+ miles on my car and it wasn't going to work. I knew that before they even called me about it.

After shopping Tom and I wandered back to the dealership.  We talked to a extended warranty person and of course I'm too far out to get it.  They then said talk to the sales manager- he asked what we thought we owed and it told us what she is worth.  I was kind of surprised, I know they lose a lot of worth when you drive them off the lot, but it wasn't all that horrible.

We looked around and we even looked at other wagons, and thought about just wandering around to see what they had.  Tom pointed to the Golf and said, what about that.  It looks open in the back.  We wondered outside in the 80 degree heat (didn't feel that bad - lol) and looked at the car.

It is shaped just like the wagon, has the same front end and almost all the same stuff in the passenger compartment, just not as long and a regular gas engine.

We test drove it and well, its now sitting in the driveway.

I felt sick leaving my beautiful white VW Jetta wagon TDI behind.  I still feel sick.  I waited a whole year for that car.  I tried really had to pay off the Civic so I could get a new car, and I even made a little money selling the Civic.   And here I am dumping my first amazing new car.

We could not see paying for a gazillion repairs on a car that obviously has some kind of problem that they were calling Germany to try and figure out.  The guy from repair came to find us as we were debating getting the new car, and he said the magic words - we'll have to hang on to the car and we're not sure how long we'll have it.

Tom starts work on Monday, I'd be without a car and without a loaner. (or have to get a rental) - Sure it's not a big deal right this moment, but what happens when I need to go to a job interview.  We only know our one neighbor here in KY and I don't do well without a car anyway.  And we would have to start paying for the repairs on that car. I did not want to even start contemplating it.

So, out front I have a 2012 Black Golf w/  2.5 liter engine.  It has the newer radio, with Iphone hook up and  a sunroof.  The back opens like the wagon and has fold down seats and all that jazz for the dogs.
I should be thrilled- I have a Brand New Car, but it's not the car I wanted to start with.  It doesn't even get the gas millage I wanted, but - I won't be driving 40+ miles one way for work.  I hope to be driving like 5 miles one way for work.

It's depressing and amazing all in one fell swoop.  Well, I have a ton of work to do on the house.  Here's a couple pictures and we'll see how much I like the new car.  Thanks

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