Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Cody the garbage boy.

Well from Facebook most of you know the boys were bad on Sunday and tore up the trash. Emptied it all on the floor and proceeded to lick every little thing and enjoy some quality beef bones chewing time.
There were at least a couple pork ribs in there that we did not see when cleaning up. So we figured Brando ate them- and he'd be the one we really had to worry about.
I've been watching them both like a hawk. Cody seemed to get the worst.
I knew he wasn't feeling well as he's had me up several times the last 2 nights.
When Tom got home today - Cody puked up everything he ate today.
We took him outside for a bit and he came and drank some water, but would not take green beans or a soft cookie.
If that dog doesn't take food you know there is a problem.
We called and got in immediately. (Thanks Stephanie, for the suggestion )

Anyway - could not see bones or foil on the X-ray but he has some serious gas and unhappy looking colon. Plus his gums are red.
They decided to keep him and give fluids and antibiotics to make sure he doesn't get anything else wrong.
He won't sit still. He's following people and trying to visit with everyone. I'm not sure he's staying in a cage or what. But he's being the typical wiggly boxer who doesn't feel as sick as he is.
Sadly that means no IV. She did not want to stick him in the giant Cone of shame. Lol.

She took a second set of X-rays - about 3 hours after the first and it looks like stuff is moving.

The vet said they would call if anything changes tonight. They will call me in the morning, Hopefully he will be feeling much better tomorrow.

I'll keep you updated.
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