Wednesday, May 01, 2013

One month- Friday

Ok, I have 1/2 a post floating on my phone.  Not sure I'll post it.
Mostly about Dogs getting old and not liking it.   And mostly about Cody hurting his toes, I'm sure he has arthritis and running around like a puppy does not help his situation.

No, this post is more about the craziness of moving across state lines.
I just want to tell you it does suck.
For one- why doesn't each state put out a pamphlet telling you the things you need to do in their state and how to find those things out?  How hard would it be to have one sent when you get your mail forwarded at the Post office.  I mean that is the ONE thing almost everyone knows to do when they move anywhere.

Most of us know the obvious- bank, electricity, gas or whatever they have, phone, cable or whatever.
In Kentucky you are also supposed to show up and Declare you live here in the county you move to.
Also, you have to go 2 different places to take care of your cars.
You go to a state clerk office to get your Drivers License,  good news it was basically empty when I wandered in today.  I did have the right paperwork, thank goodness I checked online before I went.
BUT - you have to go to the County to get your license plate and tags and all that other stuff.
You also have to have your TITLE to the car.  Plus they want to INSPECT your car, make sure the Vin number matches the title and the car.  Joy....

Currently - I don't seem to have a title.  Being that I just got a brand new car.  I did manage to get insurance on the car- which took an extra week because I could not prove lived here yet.  I swear they need to have an order that you do things.
First take your rental agreement, or house papers to so and so to get proof you are here.
Second get your drivers license, and so on....

I guess if you were to buy a house here, you would be dealing with a title office that probably has all that stuff written down, because they want things to go smoothly.  But Renting, doesn't quite work that way.

Anyway- that is my big Rant.  I have lots more to say about all this, but you get the drift.
ugh, have to go deal with Tom - whose phone screen has died.  He won't be calling anyone he can't remember the number to any time soon.  We'll see how long it takes work to send him a new phone. JOY...
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