Thursday, May 02, 2013

The vet

Well, Cody is still at the vet.
When we went to visit he did not seem overly excited to see us.
But that could just be me. He was more interested in the other dogs in the waiting room.
He was happy to get outside for a walk and was ready to get back inside - to either
1. The other dogs
2. The wet canned food they have been feeding him.
3. Who ever has been petting him.
4. The cat room or whatever was behind the glass we could not see but he might have been able to smell.

The vet says someone is there 24 /7 with the animals. It looks like the place may have been a house at one time. There is an apartment or something.

He does have an IV, they managed to get a stint in his front leg. So they could hook it back up easier. I'm not sure but I think they had to unhook him and take off the cone of shame when they brought him out to us.
He wasn't wearing his collar. I guess they thought he'd catch it on something. Or it was in the way of the Cone. Or he bamboozled them because it is Just So Itchy.
They had the pass through leash thing like when I brought him home. At least they had two together to give you more than 2 feet of lead.

The vet thought he might be well enough to come home tomorrow - Friday. He just needs to have a bowel movement. Much like at a regular hospital.

Brando has been rather calm about being alone. I expected a little more whining or something. He prances and gets all excited when we walk in, but he seems to be sleeping a lot.
Maybe he is still trying to catch up on the million naps he did not get while I was packing to move and we had people in and out of the house a lot.
He still loves the morning walk and has to stop at every mailbox. Joy.
We cleaned the back yard today and it was really GROSS. We need a rain. Eww.
I trimmed the weird tree on the trellis- it reminds me of the tree/ bush things growing along the fence in Michigan. Then I trimmed the tree I thought was a Japanese maple and it turned out not to be.
I'll have to take pictures - someone can enlighten me of what it is. There is another tree near the house I'm sure is a lacy leaf. Not sure if Japanese, because its light green.
Well. That's our excitement besides driving in circles today looking for certain places. We found the harbor freight store and got an air compressor(major cheap). Once Tom puts it together we can air up the bikes.

Oh. And here is a map of our neighbor hood. Made with the help of run keeper.
I love that most of the map is not really there. You can see some of the streets that are brand new but haven't been officially added yet. I like the look of walking in fields- which is what this all was.
Oh yeah and the rain last weekend was crazy. Enjoy

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