Wednesday, May 08, 2013


As I find myself in Michigan today, many thoughts were running through my head as I got ready to go out and meet the world.
As I was musing over how awesome it is that George Takei has become such a big hit now, even more so than when he was on Star Trek.  And there is one HUGE reason for that - FACEBOOK.
I know, it seems soooo very weird that an actor that I would see maybe once every few years when they finally started making moves in the 80's, is now bigger than ever in his golden years.
Think about it.  What did he do between the 60's when they made the original Tv Show and the 80's?Being that was more than 10 years.
Ok, I know - go buy one of his books and he will tell me.  I plan to, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

But now, 20 years after the 80's and BOOM!!  With a little help from Facebook and the Star Trek Movie franchise getting a BIG smash in the new version, George is Back.  Along with Lenord Nemoy actually being in the movie, and William Shatner managing to keep his career afloat with commercials and sit coms - our friends are back and better than ever.

I really wish my dad was around to see all this.  That is the crux of today's thoughts.  My dad would have LOVED Facebook, once he realized that he could see George and others almost everyday.  I'm sure the idea of watching what other people do all day would have bored him to tears, but he enjoyed Puns and George is full of those, and he enjoyed reveling in those great moments we share with each other on Facebook now.

I love that I get to know when my Friends kids do something amazing.  I know I won't be there for most of the things that happen, but I get to KNOW about them.  Heck I even get to see some of them.  

So, I know some people think, why in the world would I move away, Hey a job is a job and you have to take what you can get.  Plus, I think Tom and I both needed something new to do and look at.  I was going stir crazy with the politics and the job situation here in Mich.   Not that it doesn't look bleak and weird in Kentucky sometimes, but at least it is new.

So, wake up, enjoy your day and think of what thing or device your family members would have thought as completely awesome today.  My dad would have LOVED a Kindle or Nook - book Hog all the way-  and I think he would have got a kick out of Facebook.

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