Saturday, May 18, 2013

Movies and Stuff

I seriously need to make that book someone found on Pinterest.
It's mostly about organizing yourself to write a blog.  The funny thing is, I like writing on the blog and sadly wait until I have way toooo much to talk about and then finally get on.  Then I forget half the stuff I wanted to talk about and ramble for 20 minutes.

TODAY- Movie Reviews -
I remember doing reviews a while back. Okay, a long while back.  Well, it is the summer blockbuster season and we are pleased with the Options.

First big movie - that we care about - is Iron Man 3.  
SAW it twice already, it's only been out 3 weekends I think.  Tom and I went for 3D and enjoyed a loud but good crowd with a lot of kids.  I personally think the movies are a little violent for the little ones, but hey- I'm not their mom.  There was a ton of good action and a nice little mystery at the end to see what the heck would they do to top this.
Then I saw the movie with Dinosaur and Minion.  HA, I think I enjoyed the Dinosaur's reactions to the movie more than seeing the movie again.  It was still good and I will probably own it. :~)

Second big movie - Star Trek (2) Into the darkness or some crazy thing.
Why do they make the names hard to remember?  It's #2 in the new version.  That suites me just fine.
Okay, I haven't actually seen it yet.  Probably today. LOL

We re-watched the first one last night. Awesome, although I do not like the beginning at all.  I saw the movie 2x's right away the first time.  First in 3D and then in IMAX and guess what- IMAX sucked big time.  I had to move my head from side to side to figure out what I needed to look at.  That sucked and the beginning is SOOOO big and crazy that you can hardly see what is going on to begin with.  Even last night watching it again, you can barely see what is happening.  It's dark and shot very close up and from very weird perspective.  I understand they wanted it to be different - oh it is.

Also saw the director JJ Abrams on Jon Stewart and he didn't like Star Trek as a kid.  ARG- oh well he didn't understand them.  I get that, I really enjoyed watching them with my dad.  He didn't give me any commentary, he just let them be what they were.  The funny thing is, I was a kid when Star Wars came out and NEVER saw them in the theater until the re-release in the 2000's or something.  I still haven't seen all of them in the theater.
Abrams is doing the new Star Wars too.  I find that really Weird.  Stewart did too.  I just hope they get better, cause the last ones were seriously lacking in acting.

Okay, enough blathering about movies.  I best go see the new one.  LATER
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