Sunday, May 19, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved the movie.  Not sure how much Tom liked the movie but I am thrilled.
I will not ruin it for you......
But don't think I don't want to tell you!!!!!

I went out of my way- as I try to do on some movies- especially James Bond- to not watch the commercials or read reviews or just talk to people who have already seen the movie.
I hate when the commercials give you the whole darn story, or enough of it that you want to smack someone.
Previews at the movies for other movies are the worst, they give it ALL away.

I have to admit the new ones for Despicable Me 2 at the theater yesterday were great, they did not give anything away.  Sadly I had already gone looking on Youtube at videos and know almost the whole movie.  Oh well, still going to see it on my BIRTHDAY thank you.

Now some people can tell me that the new Thor movie is just a copy from the comic books and they already know the stories.  FINE, you know what happens, I DON'T, so don't try to ruin it for me.

I read an interview with Cumberbach - plays villian in Star Trek- and he is right there with me on the DON'T tell me the whole darn story before I get there.  Going to the movies was supposed to be about the surprise of finding stuff out.  "Luke, I am your Father"  come on, that had to be one of the best ones EVER and I'm sure a bunch of people ruined it for others.

So, please - go see the movie and CALL me, so I can talk about it with someone.  I noticed a few fun things while watching the movie that die hard fans will be beyond excited about.   Hmm, I may have to drive to Michigan just to drag my one friend out to the movies.  He has to see this.  It was awesome!!!

Enjoy your day.

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