Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Autoshow day 4

Here is another car from the Auto Show.
I think this one was in the GM area.
Ok, bad name on this one - EFIJY - Yup that is one weird name.
Tom liked that the dash had the same paint job as the out side of the car. Obviously that is not an easy thing to do.
We liked the shape and the tires were cool, but getting them on and off the car would have to be a pain in the but.
Oh yeah, did you notice, wheel on the wrong side, some crazy from Europe designed it.
Ok, so that was a nice car to look at with horrible lighting around it. I wasn't the only one struggling to get that shot.

Then we looked at some normal cars. Ok, it is still a convertable and probably a pre-production car, but here is the 9 3 convertible from Saab. Could not touch this car, so it is probably a prototype also.

Have a great day.

PS - Piggie news. If you haven't heard, Tuesday night Winslow ripped a toenail off his front left foot. I had a bit of a wig out - but I properly took care of him. He is recovering nicely. I took him to the vet today and they were more worried about his labored breathing than his toe.
He is back on a few anitbiotics and I hope it makes him feel better. I know he is sick of medication.
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