Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tired and Cold

Ah, the end of January. We think we are going to do so much when the New Year begins and then it turns out to be tooo cold to even think of doing anything.

Ok, so the beginning of the month wasn't too bad, but it certainly has moved it's way to the 'Oh my it's cold", and it will get worse this coming weekend.

I think I have some more auto show pictures... But that was so last month now.

Work, lots of work...
Took the training class to be able to give the classes to the people who buy our cameras. WAY too easy... But then that is me... Trying to go watch someone teach the classes this weekend.

Some other stuff has been going on, people meeting here and there, and I just haven't felt up to going - or I am stuck working.
So, I apoligize to those who thought they would see me this month. Too much work in December spilled the illnesses that everyone had over break to us in January.... The whole store was basically sick.... Joy
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