Monday, January 01, 2007

Merry Christmas

Yes, I'm late.

I worked a lot of hours the week before Christmas. Let's just say it was finally a nice check for too much work.

This year, like others we spent Christmas eve (after I got off work) traveling to my aunts house in Lincoln Park. This is Aunt Pat and my cousing Joe.
Then we drove to Monroe to visit Kathy and the 4-H crowd. It was a lovely evening. Especially since Raymond flew in from Germany without telling Kathy that he was coming. It was funny, they managed not to tell my mother also.

Here are a few pictures from the evening. Kimmy is now dating a guy that was in my class at SMCC- Eric. Um yeah, you figure out the age difference. Ok, it's not tooo bad..

Raymond had found the whip that used to be the beating stick when he and Trina were young. He carried it around all night. I have some rather incriminating photos of Eric, but I thought would be nice and not quite post them here. I will find another way to share with those who were at the party. Then they can share them with others....

Then Christmas day, we started at Mom's house. She made all kinds of breakfast food and my Aunt Cathy came over. It was great to see her.

I got Tom some slippers, he wears size 13. Everyone was trying them on. So he tried on Mom's shoes. Now that was funny.

I got some more cool ornaments for the tree, more in the blue and silver vein and then Tom got me a couple of kitchen things. Mom is getting me some storage for the kitchen...
The afternoon and evening was spent at Tom's parents.
They added a lot of Ostrich feathers. It was really cool. No they didn't kill a bird. Friends of their's have birds and they shed them.
We also found a horrid hat for Uncle Tom.
On Wednesday, Schawna and Mike made their way over to our house. We haven't seen them for probably a year and 1/2. Last year we just didn't connect and this past summer they did not make it to Michigan. Everyone was going to Alaska to see them.
So, we sat around and played with Piggies. Then we made lunch, venison- hmm did I mention we had someone bag us a deer this year??? Anyway - then we took them out back to shoot up the trees. Yup, have to share the paintball guns with everyone. Now we are out of paint and air.
I hope that everyone had a great Christmas, or what ever holiday you celebrate there...
New Years is next..... Sure I'll get to it...
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