Monday, January 01, 2007

Casino Royale

Sorry, been working too many hours.

For those James Bond die hard fans. I have to tell you this was a really good movie.
I wasn't sure I was happy about changing out James again, as you know I ADORE Pierce Bronson.
The new guy - I should really learn his name - is HOT. Not that oh he is sooo cute and soo British that just looking at him makes me crazy. He is the "OH MY GOD" when you get some clothes off of him Hot. They have a nude scene, ok you don't see any equipment, but oh does he have some awsome bicycle rider thighs....

Overall, the story line was good. It wasn't an easy give away and they did a good job of moving the world forward, but keeping the essence of Bond alive.

It was the new beginning for Bond. Sort of the first big job that he took on. So we see the birth of a 007 agent. I liked it and so did Tom, sooooo go see it.
Althougth you might have to wait for DVD now.
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