Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Ok, so I am finally getting around to posting everything......
Got a couple pictures.

New Years Eve was even more insane here than ever.

Got up in the morning, cleaned the piggie cage.
I got ready and worked most of the afternoon.

While I was at work, Tom ran to the grocery store to pick up the wine that eveyone ordered. (Oh dang, I have a check to cash.)

Once I got home we delievered the wine in the RAIN. Oh what rain. So, yeah, we saw Carrie for a hot second and then drove to TOLEDO in the rain.

Got to the place about a 1/2 hour late. Mike's phone had no service and we were sort of lost.

I drove on guessing that my instincts would take over and they did.

The Food was ok, not great, the drinks were good and the band was very entertaining.

Actually they really enjoy what they do and overall they sound good. Need to go work on their sound for them. I don't know that I am up for that. It would be cool if I could get my friend Nick or even Kurt Thoma to drop by a show and fix the sound....

Anyway, here are the pictures.

On the way home, the weather was much better. There was an insane game of Trivial pursuit going on at Carrie's house, so we drove over there.

Even with Tom and My help it still took till 2am to get the game done.
Hope all of you had a great and safe New Year's Eve and a very Happy New Year.
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