Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sorry, been sick - more Auto show

Day 3 of Auto Show pictures. Sorry I was sick and then yesterday (Monday) we had no power in the house from 6:30am until about 4 pm. Thank goodness I keep the basement warmer than the rest of the house, the piggies seemed to survive just fine.

Ok, the first car on the list today is the SMART CAR. Yes, the scary little two seater from Europe that you hear about getting stuck in the grill of a bus.
Actually the car sits up much higher than I expected. It is not quite as tall as sitting in a minivan, but you do not sit DOWN in the car. It keeps you at almost standing height, more like getting into a chair and not a car.

Anyway, it is adorable, starts about $15,000 and the biggest use they think there will be is people with Busses or huge RV's who need to drag a little car with them. No more Jeeps, you just open the back of the bus and drive the smart car up into a tiny space just for them.
I would not recommend them for Highway driving. Just not a good idea. Someone also said, no on Woodward, Hmm - I don't think Woodward is that bad. Parts of Telegraph are much worse than Woodward.

Anyway, that is the SMART CAR.
The last picture is of the Scion line up. I liked the wall of cars. We were looking for a couple specific cars and forgot to stop and take a look at the Scions. It didn't connect to me that it wasn't just a pumped up display of car Art, it was their lineup. They had a few on the ground, but I didn't get to look at any of them. Guess I might go back on Thursday.

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