Saturday, December 10, 2005

Happy Holidays and SNOW

Well, it finally arrived - and I know who to blame it on. Paul L's parent came down to visit and go to a show and they brought all that Traverse City snow with them.

What is new you would like to know??
Well, Paul's parents are in town and I have not seen his mother in years. I was frantically cleaning my house to let them come visit. It wasn't a long stay and there were lots of closed doors, but it was great to finally show them my house. Tom could have met her too if he would have answered his phone. He drove up about 5 minutes after they went back to Paul's to make dinner. They were off to see the TSO concert at the Palace. Needless to say, I was a little jealous.

So, the main point - my house is basically clean. I certainly have ceiling work and spare rooms to do, but I'm not afraid to let people in at this point.

Game night at Carrie's. I had the privilege to be invited to Carrie's for game night. They seem to play Cranium a lot and I knew I didn't have a chance. SO, I took Name Burst with me. This game has hundreds of names on little cards and you try to get the person you are partnered with at the moment to guess the name. Much like 25000 pyramid or whatever it was worth in the end. You will need to read Matt's Blog to get the real effect. He shall be quoting Carrie in all her frustrated glory. Carrie hates to lose, I know this, You know this and now the world at large with know this.

So, enjoy the pictures of the inside of my house; My tree and Fireplace. I have outside and basement pictures to put up next week and I am searching for more outdoor displays to take pictures off and to share. I love the holidays - the lights make all this darkness bearable. January and February are a whole other story for me.

FRAPPER - I couldn't help it, I made a map. I really want to see where everyone is from who looks at this blog. I know it's mostly family, but I know there are a few friends out there that keep track of what is going on. Please - this is safe, your not added to any email list. - just add your name, zip code and a SMALL picture if you want. LOL
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