Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More snow and sad looking Nazi's

Ok, I just checked my brothers blog - the Bad Fisherman. It seems he got on Toledo news last night. And of course, you can watch the Toledo news on the internet.
SO, go to the right of my screen - find his blog - go there and watch the video. He has the link to the video and then you click on the movie on the page.
My brother is in a lot of the shots.
He says his ugly mug made TV. HEY - what about those protesters and their friend. Did anyone teach them that they are supposed to be skin heads. WOW - they look really bad. Kind of hard to get people to pay attention to you when you really look like crap.

Yep, snowing again.
Ok, my outside lights picture and the basement. Taking my camera with me today to look for a few more impressive or just sickening displays in front of peoples houses.

And yes, the crockpot is full of food for dinner tonight. Hopefully it turns out.
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