Friday, December 23, 2005


I got my Christmas Present last night. I know we are sad and can not wait for anything. Actually, I would have had to wait until after Christmas, because to get him on Christmas would not have worked.

SO, what did I get you ask?

I got Winslow the Christmas Whistle Pig. Guinea Pig for you regular people.
I was so worried about him. He didn't make any noise when we picked him up at the store and even when we got home. He seemed througly miserable last night until this afternoon when we dragged him out of the cage.
Tom held him on the couch, while I finished cleaning the cage; Added Alfalfa (instead of the yucky timothy they gave me,) and then I got a carrot for him. He was so much happier. He made little rodent noises and checked out the carrot and when we put him back in the cage he was 500 x's more active and happier.
He checked out the whole cage, moved stuff around and then proceded to try all the food out and even the water. I feel so much better now. I was afraid that he would be stressed out for days.
The funny thing is, you'd think he was two different pigs from either side pictures. He is very different colored on both sides.
I thought this was a cute picture.

So, now I have to carry pictures of my New Pet. Make sure to ask about him.

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