Saturday, December 24, 2005

Year in Review 4

Well, there are 4 seasons, so I guess this works out just fine.

Fall is upon us and Low did we go see the sights. Paul dragged me out of the dungeon that is my home and we went walking in the nature area near my house. Tom and Paul took from natures bounty and made our little friend. You have to admit it is a little scarey. It was a fun afternoon and I got a couple of nice pictures out of the day.

Then Thanksgiving - it seems that Michael was determined to make Aunt Pat crazy this year. He pretty much succeeded. We all had a good time over at Aunt Pat's.

Here are two dogs at the Frederick's house. They happen to be hiding underneath the incredible wood chopping block that dad had fixed into the kitchen when they got it redone last year. We had all ate too much on Thanksgiving evening. Nap time was calling to everyone.

Back to December. What an excicitng weekend we had on the 17th. My mom threw a party in honor of my dad. On my way over to my mother's condo, I noticed Steph Dober out front of the house on Sibley. I stopped to say hi and ask how everyone was doing. SURPRISE - Eric Dober answered the door. I almost fell over. He is home for 2 weeks to see his dad. Eric has been overseas for most of the last 3 years. He came to the party and surprised everyone, including my mom. She was so happy to see Eric. Then Raymond Seguin and Simone walked in with Kathy. I have to say that was a great sight also. No one knew anyone was coming home.
The only thing left is Uncle Murphy and me.

I hope to see lots more friends over the holidays. Don't be surprised if I take your picture and you wind up on the blog. Being my friend means that you have given me rights to put you up here. LOL
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