Monday, December 12, 2005

Narnia and Nazi's

That is a mouthful and a 1/2.

How did I get both of those together?
Well, it seems that the Nazi's (or white supremisits) came back to Toledo this weekend. The last time they were in town, (a month or so ago) a riot broke out.
My brother had to go work the rally this time. Luckily it was so cold that no one went.
There are pictures him in Riot gear.

Narnia - Rob, Naarah, Tom and myself went to see the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on Sunday afternoon. At dinner afterward we discussed the rather religious points that were a part of the story. Resurection of someone who died for someone else's sins- ok I give you that one. I never read the stories as a kid. I am rather disapointed over all.
The production value of the movie was great, although Tom and I both saw 2 horrible points of green screen. Someone messed that up. I'll agree with Matt and his assesment that as human characters they weren't very believable. Tom mentioned that they should have left in that the boy who deserts the others was actually addicted to the food the white witch gave him and was having major withdrawls. Much better reason for skipping on family than they seemed to give in the movie.
One does not need to read the book to enjoy the movie. Taken at face value, it wasn't bad. If you are looking for great acting, not going to find it here.
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