Monday, December 19, 2005

What a weekend.

I should go get the camera and download pictures. I do have a lot to work with.
Saturday we had the Christmas party and Memorial for my dad. It was at my Mom's house and she made so much food it was amazing.
There were so many surprises that I am glad that no one had a heart attack.
First Surprise - I found ERIC DOBER. Yes, Eric who spent most of the last 3 years in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is home for a week or two because his dad just had triple by-pass surgery. (Eric rode horses with me, we have know eachother since we were 10.)
Second Surprise - Raymond (Spunky) Sequin was home for the holidays. Kathy picked him and Simone up from the Airport on Friday night. Neither Ray or my mother knew that they were going to make it home. Raymond has been in Germany and Iraq most of this year.
Third Surprise - Joyce and Bernie Pierce were found in town and came to the party. They are from our years in 4-H and they now live in North Carolina. (I think)

It was an interesting party. People from all three sides of our family made it. Many from my mom's side of the family. My dad's sister-in-law and her kids came. A very large group of 4-H people and family friends stopped by. Even our neighbors forever, the Tanners'.

We had at least 30 people squashed into my mother's condo. It was great. Most people stayed for several hours. Eric had the hardest time getting out the door, and he had other places to go. Mike's friends came later and were still there when I left around 10pm.

Paul L and I went to Lynn Deprez's house on the North East side. I told them to not really expect us because I knew I would be at mom's all day. It was nice to see everyone who was there. It was not a work party, it was more of invite the people you like, which was nice to see they invited Paul and I.

Sunday - SLEPT. I was coming down with a sore throat on Saturday night. Paul gave me the worst tasting stuff on the planet. But that with some Nyquil and I slept hard and long. Tom and I were major bums and finished off the Chicken Pot Pie I bought and cooked on Friday. Long Live COSTCO.
Today, I am cleaning some, cooking and about ready to go take a nap.
I have even been to the grocery store already.
I'll put up pictures during the week.
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