Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A year in Review

Picture style.
I noticed on some of my friends blogs they are pulling up the first line of each month and making it up as a post for the year. Thats boring. I want to put up some of the best pictures of the year. Ok, some aren't the best, but they show what in the world we were doing...
This may take more than one post to get them all up. I think I have at least one per month...
Schwana and Mike were here last Christmas, here we are in Downtown Ann Arbor.
We saw them again over the summer right before Fair. There was a big party at the Thoma Farm, where Paul lives now. Seeing Schawna more than once a year is amazing. We have to go to Alaska now to visit.

Then Rich, Heidi and Alex Grant came to spend the day with us. We had a great time down town in Greek Town. We ate, walked around and took a bunch of pictures. I believe this picture is their x-mas card for this year..

Carrie (who is now a good friend of ours) threw a New Years party and it was a blast. I can't remember the last time we were that silly for New Years. She has pretty good taste in wine.

Mom and I went to visit Trina in her new digs. She now lives in her grandparents house in New Boston. I had visited there at least once before, but now it certainly has Trina's stamp on the place. I could not help it, this was a great picture of mom. (At least she is not eating.)

Here are a couple pictures of mom's condo, in the work stages of the painting. I can't really tell if it is finished or just the base coat. All I can say is that it took a long time, and lots of people helped.

I may have to do a post with more pictures tomorrow. Enjoy these for now. I think this takes us to March...
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