Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Year in Review 2

Takes a bit of work to do the picture blogging, and it really slows the computer down. LOL

Naarah's bachelorette party. We ate at Mongolian BBQ in Novi and then hit the new Dave and Buster's type place near my house. You would think I go there often. NOPE, Tom and I are just too tired after movies to hang out. We usually go home. LOL
We had a great time at Fountain Walk and got Naarah a lovely keepsake of the evening. You'll have to ask her what it was..

Then it was May, and Naarah and Rob's wedding on Mackinac Island. Tom took this picture. We were busy there, I took movies, Tom took pictures and so did like 10 other people. We had a good time. After the wedding and the hours they wandered the island doing pictures, We got together for dinner in the pub. Now that was nice.

The next day was great fun. We took the island tour ride on the carriages and saw the arch rock and the butterflys, They liked Tom. We thouht that was great fun.
The bridge looked nice in the late afternoon, when we should have left hours before...

We then talked Paul Thoma into helping us take the GIANT canoe out for a spin on the river. DANG, it's too big. I can't believe I am saying that, but it is too big. Actually it is too heavy. The canoe is great if you planned a long trip or three people and major lunch and stuff, but just to drag it down there for a little day trip - or couple hours for a work out, you have to be crazy. I guess I could use a little trailer to pull it along.....

Then in June, my cousin Michelle got married. Tom, Michael, Ashley and I were having a bit of fun at the table. I have rather unflattering pictures of my mother and my aunt, but I thought I would try to be a little nice. The wedding was nice and the reception hall was gorgeous..... I hear this was the year of fancy weddings all around.

One of Tom's long time friends from Arvin-Meritor was in town for a few days and we managed to get him to stop by the house. We made a major meal a day before or something and he missed it. I forget what we did for dinner that day. Anyway, it was nice to see Chris Federman. Hope he comes back this way again.

I'm not sure how one explains this picture. Other than it was a 50th birthday party for Kathy Seguin. Here you see, my mother, Kimmy and Linn testing out the new draggin bra. Gives you plenty of room for those now sagging ta-tas. It was a lovely day, we played baseball, volleyball and some crochet. Silliness ruled that day. (This would be July.) (But you knew that.)
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