Monday, January 02, 2006


It is the new year and I am suffering from too much of everything....
I woke up this morning with a sore throat and after cleaning Winslow's cage, I have plopped myself in front of the computer to see what the rest of the world is up too. IT seems that no one else (I know well) has had the chance or maybe felt up to greeting the new year by Blogging yet. OR they blog at work (sacriledge) and don't go back till tomorrow like most normal people.

I have to admit that just when things seem to be going well for me, something that is or could be earth shattering happens. In 2005 it seemed that things were going very well. I had a job that I basically liked, Tom was doing ok at work, we managed to visit people and friends got married and much was right with the world.
Then at the End of October I was fired from my job. (Must note 5 of us were fired in the same week - make of that what you will - it will be in court in April) Now once upon a time, I think that would have really messed me up. I am not going to say that I haven't slipped into the SLOTH of the unemployed, but I certainly have not retreated to depressed lady. (Ok, maybe a little if you ask Tom).

I feel actually a little proud of myself. I still function, I still get up everyday and I have even started cooking more (thank God for the Crock Pot). I have good friends and a Husband who is probably the MOST patient man on the planet. I probably don't thank him enough for taking care of me.
My husband thought I needed a dog. Nope, not that much insanity thank you, but the Guinea Pig is really more my speed. I can leave the house and not worry about him, and when I really do want to play with Winslow he can be a lot of fun. (Just watch those LONG teeth- if he likes it he wants to chew it - including my fingers.)

It is a new year - 2006. I haven't really spent anytime thinking about that. Most people, like Carrie have their resolutions planned out and are raring to go. (And I have to admit she does a pretty good job on the choices of resolutions..) Where I have let that slip by.

What have I managed to do? I have scheduled two classes at Wayne State for the winter. Continuing to work on that Masters degree. I really don't care how long it takes me to do it. I enjoy going to school. (Sick - I know.) I only have like 2 classes with that big ugly thesis to do and I can have my Masters. But I figured out that with No Child left Behind, I need to round out my English classes into a Major. (So many credits - like 60) So, I have about 5 classes to take in that category. That will easily give me a year or two of school left to do. As long as Wayne likes getting money, I don't think they will complain about the thesis not being done. (Might have to go ask about that.)

New Years resolutions are not something I really enjoy getting into. Resolutions in general are not my thing. Maybe that should be my goal for this year, set one or two goals a month and get them done.... I could go the easy way and say - blog on a regular basis - but I think I have that down.

I know most of you prefer the pictures, but sometimes it is good to get something off your chest. I will try not to bore you this year, and hopefully we will have a good time getting to December of 2006 - because we did have a pretty good time getting to December 2005.

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