Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Human Play Pen

Ok, so you know by now that I got a guinea pig for Christmas. His name is Winslow. I think he is the most Adorable pet on the planet. SOOO, I am going to share stuff about him all year... Yep, you will not be spared, I will do this unmercifully.
Today, I became the guinea pig jungle gym. I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I don't mind this job, just don't bite me.
I put Winslow in the Pool and cleaned his cage and everything. He found his igloo to hide out in and sort of just stayed there. I was going to put him back in his cage when he decided- "ok, you just scared the pee out of me, I'll go exploring". He started making the little happy guinea pig noises and I was sort of trying to catch him.
I wound up first standing in the pool, with him running around and over my feet and sniffing my pants. Till I just sat down on the clean towel.....
I became a jungle gym, Winslow thought it was the best thing ever. Up one leg, down the other side, use an arm to look over the side of the pool. (That really was his whole goal, could not see over the pool edge.)
Well, here are the pictures. Yes, I managed to take them while sitting there.

So, we played for a while. My feet got stiff, so I went to get some parsely and some carrot to share. After I sat down again we found that eating on me is even better.
Then he didn't want to get down. He was snuggling in to take a nap. I decided that I wanted a more comfortable chair, so we moved over to the computer. He pratically purred like a cat and then the darn phone rang. Oh well. He went back into his cage and I got some food.
Needless to say, it seems my job title is now Guinea Pig Jungle Gym. Have a great day...
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