Friday, January 20, 2006

I must be evil...

Winslow must think I'm evil.
Well, ok he is probably just confused.
First I found real Timothy hay for him. Have we had this discussion - Hay is Green, not yellow - that makes it straw - and Winslow agrees. He wouldn't eat the yellow stuff Labeled as timothy, it really didn't even smell like Hay.
So, that made him really excited. Hopping around for several minutes and stopping to eat a little.
Then today, Bath time. I know, I must be crazy. The forum I joined said that many of their GP's love swimming. Plus, they do get a little stinky. So, I got the shampoo for him too.
He was not happy about the water. I didn't have enough to swim in, but he was trying to jump out of the tub anyway. Good thing I used the tub and not sink, way to far to jump...
I'm sure he was a bit tee'd off about the blow drying business. Got mad enough to grab my hand. I was impressed, I expected to really get bit. Nope, just sort of held on for a minute and let go. Hurray, good guinea pig - does not break the skin, just wanted to tell me he was mad.
Finally got him dry enough and brought him back downstairs with a carrot for forgetfulness.

Well, we survived and I hope the pig doesn't stay too mad.
Must hit the grocery store, certainly out of pig goodies, let alone people food... lol
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