Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Up Late

Ok, it's after 10pm and I am not in bed yet. I am not even upstairs in the bathroom yet.
I still have to put a pig bed back together.... AHhhh Yawn...

What could possibly be keeping me from heading to bed?
School Work - ha ha
A new book - Nope
A TV show - I wish...
Winslow - But of course.

I just spent the last several hours working on a new cage set up for Winslow. It will not be finished tonight. But I have the basics down and will be able to get it mostly done by this weekend. Poor Winslow spent today in the pool, under his cage top, while I cleaned the bottom of his cage and then started the new project.

Here is a preliminary picture of the new set up.

The new cage will have the old cage up on the side to give him two levels. I have major work to do on the ramp and stuff.

The bottom will be fitted with a chloroplast (sp - its plastic that corrogated like cardboard) sheet and then filled with towels and fleece. Anyone have old fleece blankets they don't like?? I am trying to use the old cage with the new. Hope I can get it to work.
Well, good night...
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