Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wanye State - they take my money...

Classes started at Wayne. Only 2, but what fun they shall be.
Monday nights is a sophmore level English class. In actuallity it looks like the Senior and Grad connection in there. I think there was one or two people that might have been about 20. Everyone else was at least 26 and up.
The teacher made the comment that she knew most of us would be English teachers and she didn't want to see Grammar errors. Ok, I totally get that - but then she listed the easiest ones on the planet - It's, effect, their, and a couple others. I had to make the comment to my neighbor that if I did that you need to revoke my graduate student status. OH MY.

The Literacy class looks cool. Most of us saved it until the end of our MAT classes. There are several people who are finishing this semester. I certainly could have been with them, but I need to get those English classes out of the way to have a MAJOR in English.

Have you heard of "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND", well you might as well call it "Screw your teaching staff".
According to the paperwork you are supposed to fill out, which I did at one school. You are expected to have a MAJOR in the area that you teach in the school. So, it doesn't matter that you have a Minor in something - that doesn't count. You must be "HIGHLY" qualified to teach whatever it is you are doing.
How often growing up do you remember a teacher telling you, well I have never taught this before so we are going to learn together. Hmm, that was my 8th grade Math class. The guy was a typing teacher or something. He did ok, I guess, How would I know?
Principals were able to stick you anywhere, not anymore. Which has made life in Detroit Public schools even worse. They are supposed to find teachers in the major of the area. When all they can get is subs who have maybe 60 credits in garbage.
So, in the interest of making my life better to get a job. I am finishing that English Major. Looks like I have 5 more classes to take. So, no MAT for at least another year.
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