Friday, January 27, 2006


Ok, first thing. I have the bottom level of the Guinea Pig cage done.
Here ya go. The first look, have other work to do, but it's a start and he likes it.
I managed to get the coroplast in there by myself last night... Tom was still trying to get home from the airport when I was working on all of this.
Winslow was checking out the new digs when Tom came in. He did not get to spend the night in there, because I just don't trust the little bugger yet. I have to watch him try to climb out a couple times before I will trust him...

Other news... Tom is home from Arizona. Hurray...

Class last night, we had to share information about our "Culture" and I learned some very interesting things..

One- A girl in our class is sister to number 50 of the Pittsburgh Steelers and will be at the superbowl next weekend. I think his last name is Ford? - No It's Foot. That is it..

Two - Another girl in our class has a FAMOUS sister.
hmm, Who might that sister be - welllllll - Veronica Mars. I know there are several of you out there that are just totally gaga over that show.
Well, there is my 3 degrees of separation, I wonder if she has done anything with Kevin Bacon???
Have a great weekend...
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