Monday, January 02, 2006

What did you do for New Years eve? We went to the annual party at Carrie C's house. Last year we tried to take a group picture on the couch and it was REALLY bad. This year we tried the stairs with a Chair for the tripod- I need a small tripod (like one of those bean bag ones). Anyway, with a little fixing - this turned out to be a rather good picture of all of us. Top- Carrie, Tom Middle - Jason Z, Jason, Matt & Silvia. Bottom - Tammy and Paul. Much Dominos were played and Apples & Oranges. We partied until after 2am. Watched the Ball drop on a drunk host on MTV or something and basically had a lovely time. Have to check the other blogs to see if they remember having a good time. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. Tammy and Tom Posted by Picasa
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