Tuesday, January 10, 2006

January Blah's

What can I say, the holidays are over and we are all getting back to the grind of just doing. And trying to figure out how to pay those credit card bills.

I have been a little busy. I applied for a teaching job. Haven't heard back from them yet. That was Friday that I finished all the paperwork that they were looking for. Don't know if they are calling on me before calling me in. OR just skipping me as I taught mostly high school and not much middle school.

Winslow and I are having some fun. No where near as exciting as Jungle Gym day but we spend a little time together almost everyday. Even if it is just me cleaning his cage and him running around getting in the way.

I'm still taking down Holiday stuff. I hate how dark it gets when everything comes down. Tom took my HO HO HO sign down though. I'm sure it was making the neighbors crazy.

Oh, important news to Friday night SciFi fans. EVERYTHING is back, Both Star Gates and even Battlestar Gallactica. WOW, it is going to be insane. Battlestar is truly a Soap Opera in Space. Although they don't speak anywhere as near as slow as regular soaps and don't repeat themselves as much.

Somewhere back a ways I have a huge rant about how stupid Soap Operas are. I could never watch it everyday, I'd go crazy with all the repeats. You can almost catch up on everything once a week if your a fan.

Hmm, do I have a picture to share. Lets see....
Winslow's play pen, but we took out the carpet cause he was going to eat it and make himself sick. I think I need to buy that indoor/outdoor carpet, read that others use it with their guinea pigs. Well, have a nice day and all that fun stuff.
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