Thursday, July 22, 2004

Friends in TOWN

Hurray,  Paul L was finally able to come and visit.  This was a much needed boost in my morale.  Of course I have been working on Computers non-stop today, but what else is new.
As you can see from the pictures we went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair on Wednesday.  It was SOOOO VERY HOT.  We all looked pretty sad by the time we got home.  Ice Cream is a good thing. :~)
Paul is using the mighty morphing DSL connection to apply for jobs.  I swapped out the Modem in his computer and added a little ram.  Always a good thing for anyone.
I got a call toady for a job at a Charter School today.  Of course I was out, so I shall be calling them tomorrow.
News about Vegas.  The Principal understood our need to look for a job.  He doesn't officially offer the job.  So, we have until the letter comes from the personnel department shows up to look for a job for Tom.
Tom is taking Friday off to fight with the internet and call about jobs.
Oh yeah, I think Everquest might fit in there too.  
Have a lovely day.  We are.
Tammy and Tom........   And Paul        
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