Sunday, July 11, 2004

Well, it is Sunday

The equipment has been running in the basement almost 4 full days now. I have to say that it does smell better down there. They are supposed to come clean the carpet and get the equipment tomorrow. I certainly hope it's with a chemical dry stuff.
I am still a little worried about the mold possibility.
The air conditioner has been running solid since Saturday afternoon, we made a boo boo and left the windows open a little too long, it got into the high 80's on Saturday. The upstairs is tolerable. Certainly better than outside.
I'm not sure if it has been the traveling or all the work, or the fact I have a big sunburn now, but I am really tired. Tom has been napping a tad bit also. He has been working a lot, but i'm not quite sure what my deal is.
The house was full of people on Friday. Everyone came to see the diaster zone. Jane came to visit, Rob and Naarah came to help and we all wound up haveing pizza. Jane's husband Scott even stopped by to give us an estimate on drywalling the basemetn. We have a couple walls that really should be redone.
Today's good news is that we relocated a network cable into the spare bedroom closet and now I have access to the network and internet. My big monitor survived and I am evaluating the rest of the computer equipment. I know I have lost a few things for sure.
It's weird to have a window I can see out of and I can actually use my cell phone while on the computer. Oh my, I best not get too attatched.
I think it is going to take me the rest of the summer to deal with everything. I guess it's good that Tom is getting overtime.
Have a good night. I should add new pictures tomorrow.
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