Thursday, July 01, 2004

Wow it is Thursday already.

Well, it is Raining AGAIN. I would guess that it has rained some everyday that I have been here. Just a warning to those of you coming down this weekend. Wednesday it rained all day. Dad and I watched it rain from the boat dock. Quotes from dad, "Fisherman lie - "Of course they bite when it's raining;" and "Mother nature is a bitch."
Woke up today and still it is raining. I visited the Sprayberry household last night. Kenny (Harphey) is our guild leader from Everquest. I even met the alusive Dave (Hnash). He doesn't talk much, and you wondered why he doesn't answer tells.
Patti and I had a great time talking about everything and I hope to get together with her again before I bail from town.
Time to get some more videos done. and Eat - yes Food is abundant here..... lol
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