Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Oh my - It not even 7:30am and I have trouble.
I will be leaving my parents house today, after Tom called at 5:15am and told me there is water in the basement.
The only goodnews about that - 1. I have my BIG computer down here with me in Chattanooga. 2. It is clear water out of the tap. No sewage - thank god.
Bad news. 1. My other computer is sure to be dead. 2. The phones are out??? Thank goodness for cell phones. 3. Ewww the mess, there is carpet down there. AND all my stuff for school....
So, I am packing up right now to leave.
I figured I would post, because if the phone is out, I won't be posting at home anytime soon.
Tom is calling a plumber right now, and he at least got the water shut off and is getting the drains open.
I will be playing cleaning lady for the next week I guess. Lets hope the sun is out - so I can dry stuff.
Tammy :~(
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