Sunday, July 04, 2004


It has been an interesting weekend to say the least.
Yesterday - July 3rd was MY (Tammy's)birthday. We had a break in the weather and spent the day out of the boat. Micheal and Chris showed up at 2am and then Aunt Pat and Uncle Ken arrived in Chattanooga around 5pm.
The fishing was ok. Michael caught two, dad caught one and I caught - well I caught - Chris.
Those faint of heart may not want to look at the picture of Chris' head too closely. Aunt Pat was squealing, "The worm was wiggling on his head."
At least it was a plastic worm and I hadn't caught one fish all day. So yes, I nailed Chris in the head with a fish hook. Everyone here is just having a field day over it. Chris is a really good sport and claims that it really didn't hurt.
The good news is Jay was home and he brought over some numbing stuff, cut it off and got it out. Saving about $400 in a trip to the hospital.
Today - the 4th. The guys went out on the dock this morning fishing and didn't seem to catch much of anything. I stayed here and slaved over more Hawaii videos. Mom is still working on the stencil. It looks pretty good. Pat, Mom and I took a little break and ran to the store. Walmart look out.
Tonight we are going out on the boat to watch the Fireworks that everyone sets off over the lake.
Have a great 4th and we'll see you later.
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