Saturday, July 24, 2004

JIB JAB- "This Land"

Howdy, it's Saturday the 24th, and no we don't know about Vegas yet.
Tom is still looking for a job.  He took yesterday off work and he was applying for stuff and kept running into stupid snags.  He tried calling the companies and guess what - ugh - the employment departments were closed on Fridays.
One of the lovely people who read the blog sent this movie from JIB JAB to me.  I then received it in the mail from another friend.  So, obviously this is getting around and I think it is great.  As the title implies - it really doesn't matter who you are going to vote for - but the premise is great. 
Don't freak out if you can't get in right away.  I read the JIB JAB blog (lol) and they are having major site problems with the number of people trying to connect to the movie.  I would not suggest trying to watch this if you have a dial up connection.  Not gonna happen.
JIB JAB has a lot more in the animation department, but their server isn't sharing them at the moment.  I have seen several of them before.  I really want to see "Au-nald for governor" or something like that.
Basement looks horrible.  They ripped up the carpet and now you really have to have shoes to go down there.  Must finish the list.
Movie reviews-Tom stayed home so we went to the movies:
The Bourne supremacy-  Ok, the story is really good.  They keep you going rather well.  If you have a headache or anything even close to one - DON'T GO.  They shot it all HAND HELD.  I know it is supposed to make you feel like you are there.  Well, it feels like someone's grandma was holding the camera.   Ewww.   I like a little work like that; but it was most of the movie.  Tom and I both felt a little sick.  The beginning is really bad for that - it was worse than the opening of Mulan Rouge to give you a comparison.
Cat Woman - Halle Barry (SP) LOOKS GREAT.  The premise is good.  They did a nice job explaining to the non-comic book people (me) where the original idea for cat woman came from.  Tom and I felt bad that they didn't get the Spiderman people to share in the special effects department for climbing the walls and jumping from roofs.  I give movies a lot of slack.  Some people might decide it isn't rounded enough or something - but I thought they did a great job with the story.  Just enough story to keep you interested and a good amount of special effects.  The bad guy in the movie is cool.  They do keep a couple secrets till near the end. Hurray.
If you want reviews of the other summer movies... Feel free to comment.  Oh I must mention....
I, ROBOT -  Will Smith gives us a GREAT view of 3/4's of his body.  Very ripped butt.  WOW.  I liked the movie, some people are complaining that they didn't follow the book.   Umm, they sort of say they aren't going to follow the book.  Ok, I enjoyed it.
Spiderman 2 -  Good.  Special effects awesome, much better than first movie and the bad guy is GREAT.  Maryjane does something I think is totally stupid, but hey - not my call. 
Alright, I know this is long.

Talk to you later

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