Tuesday, July 27, 2004

July 27th, Dang, Already???

It's a rainy Tuesday here in Michigan paradise where nothing goes the way you plan.
So, how is everyone?  With the carpet gone from the basement it really does seem like everything is a real mess around here.  I have someone coming to give me a quote on the walls.  The bathroom walls down there are black, time to get those out of here.  We had kept a couple books around that had gotten wet, ewww  they are so going in the trash, mold is growing all over them.
We haven't had any luck looking for a job for Tom.  All the online sites for the casino's are all yes and no questions and if you have one not they way they like, it's thanks but no thanks.  I have to call some places and see what can be done.  If anyone wants to check for possible jobs somewhere, lit me know.  I am losing my mind.  I should start looking for manufacturing stuff at this point.
I have not recieved the letter asking me to come work there.   This is good and bad.  Good because we can still look for a job, bad because I have too much other stuff to do when I do get it.
I think Tom and I are just going to have to run out there and see what we can find.
Thanks for all your support.  Do you want me to keep emailing you that I have an update?  I plan to do it when I have big news.  Otherwise just hit the board once a week at least.
Take care
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