Tuesday, July 20, 2004


We get a few weeks to Find Tom a Job.......
It's Tuesday morning and I talked to the Principle and a million other people yesterday.  
You obviously want the run down of what I learned.
  • After 30 days we get $2000 for moving there.
  • You have a choice of joining the teachers union.  I guess there are some perks, one with a credit union that is immediate.
  • Health insurance is a ppo an you add the spouse for a little money.
  • If I accept the job, then they will put the thumb screws to who ever Tom applies with to make him a priority candidate.  The Chamber of Commerce feels that new teachers are really important and work to make the rest of the companies help get the spouse or adult age children jobs.
  • The school is in a decent section of town.  I found a lot of interesting looking apartment complexes in that area.
  • Every single person I spoke to from the school district was really nice and helpful.  They did everything to make it seem easy to work there and worth the trouble to get there.

So, now what happens....  After talking to a lot of people, I finally called the principle back.  I told him that we are interested in moving there, but it depends of if we can get Tom a job.  He was VERY understanding and said that it would now be between myself and the personnel department as to deciding what to do.  He will forward my name to personnel and ask that I be checked to fill the position that he has open.  They will then send me a letter offering me the job. (OR NOT)  I highly doubt that they wouldn't send an offer.

I must use the time before the letter gets here wisely.  We need to book on trying to find Tom a job.  I spent a whole lot of time working on that yesterday too.  I guess I need to find a head hunter or something.  hmmmm

Other Blog news....   If you notice after each entry there is a little notice about writing a comment.  Many of the people that read my blog know each other.  So, I thought it would be fun for you to write a comment that others could read and I could acknowledge.  I think I set it up that anyone can do a comment.  It doesn't have to be elaborate or anything.  You can alo go back to other posts and do comments on them.    The blog could feel a little less one sided if people make comments.

Hope to manage to see most of you soon.

Tammy and Tom

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