Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Tuesday, July 13th

Happy Wedding Anniversary. 3 months.
The ServPro people with the drying equipment came out yesterday and agreed with me that everything is not dry. The basement still smells and well, its just ugly.
They decided to leave the equipment a few more days and discuss our concerns with the claims adjuster.
I got the film pictures developed and posted the water ones. I wish Tom would have got a shot of the laundry room and bathroom. Oh well, can't get everything.
Had to get a new printer so that I could get the lists done. Isn't that a bummer. So, I spent time at costco yesterday getting what I could. Much better deals than any of the computer stores. Not much choice, but exact price range, so there ya go.
Garbage guys come tomorrow, so I have work to do today. I spent hours yesterday looking up prices of stuff. Wow, talk about a pain. Got to get that list done.
Anyone want to buy an explorer. Oh my, I have to get that sold.
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