Wednesday, August 04, 2004


We are not going to Las Vegas this year.

We finally came to the conclusion that we aren't going to find a job for Tom in time. The currently do not have a posting for a school police officer, soo we have to wait. I emailed the personnel office and let them know that I can not take the job this year, but would be more than happy to come out next year. Then I mailed back the paperwork they wanted.
They may post a position for a police officer later this fall, and probably again in the spring. Spring would be great, then Tom can get out there for the academy and we can get to moving.

Basement News:
Scott is doing a great job on the walls. It's taking a little longer than expected, but not much of a surprise to me. He has the main room done, the tricky shelves in and started tearing out the baseboard in the bathroom and such. That is where the bad news comes in. MOLD - yep we found the black mold. Gonna have to get that room to dry out some before he can put anything up. I guess I'll have to clean and get in there with the bleach. ewwww

I haven't heard from the agents yet about our list. I also haven't heard about the carpet choice and who I can use. And I am tired of waiting on that! But I guess it will give me time to maybe paint before the carpet gets here.

Other Job News:

Walled Lake School District starts on September 7th this year. PARTY
I am way too excited about that. I went in today to work on my subbing paperwork and of course the lady was not in. They said she'll be back next friday or so. Vacation, yep no surprise there.
I was going to stop at the school next door today, but it looked like no one was in. I'll call on my way out the door tomorrow. They might be in early.
I stopped by Ritz and Gordon is happy to try to fit me in, he wants to send a person down to Dan (Laurel Park Store) and have me work for him. LOL Now doesn't that tell you something......

While at Ritz this guy called again. I guess I sold him a video camera a year ago or so. He and I talked for a while and he was giving me his life story on the video work he wanted to do. Well, I got him hooked up the best I could. Well, FRIDAY, I am meeting him (at his office) to talk about doing consulting work. He doesn't know how or what they are going to do in the editing department of the video they are shooting.
This could be good for me. I know its going to be a few weeks between my last paycheck from Marysville (I think I might have gotten it) and the first one from Ritz or anywhere else.
Does anyone have suggestions on what to charge someone? I'm guessing at least $25 an hour? Let me know.

Take care.
Tammy and Tom

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