Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Hurray, I am now a part of the working class once again.

Today was the 2nd interview at the Charter School. OLD REDFORD ACADEMY.
I am now an English teacher for them. I may teach 9th grade, or whatever. I think I may wind up with a speech class also. The great News - they are paying me more than Marysville, and more than Vegas offered. The scary news- I have to come up with lesson plans. LOL
The books are from HOLT, they have fairly good series. We will have all new books - very cool. We have over head projectors - just in. All new desks for students, they look ok.

YES - I took a little tour of the school. I know what rooms I am willing to take. There are like 4 that face the inner court yard, and I want one of those. The others face either the front street - which has a shopping center across it or the behind the school is a 8 or so story Apartment building. ewww I would not get one of those rooms, we are sticking the 8th grade students back there. But, I could wind up with a front window of the street. I am hoping that since I am one of the first hired, I may get my pick. Hee hee

I have to pay Detroit taxes, oh well, that is both of us now. No, we won't move. I think we live close enough. I'll have about a 1/2 hour drive. Not bad, not sure what the afternoon drive will be like. Oh yeah, they closed the Beck road exit on I-96 this week. Traffic got a bit messed up today - early. So, if you are coming to visit me, you have to use Wixom road exit, or take M-5 to miss the nasty mess.

We are probably going to the Ren Fest this weekend. Look for new pictures next week. Yes, I'll post about my classroom and stuff. Never fear.
Take care
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