Monday, August 16, 2004

Monday afternoon and no call

Hmmm, I really hate waiting on other people.....

I have been waiting all day for the lovely people from the Old Redford Academy to call and set up the 2nd appointment. I hate waiting like this. I called this morning to get an idea and they had no answer. So, I think I'll plan to take off tomorrow morning for mom and dad's.

Speaking of the new computer - I will have a scar on my left hand, on top of the thumb, where I managed to tear a hunk out on Saturday. WOW, did that hurt. I haven't done that much damage to myself in a really long time. It's about a 1/2 in long and is next to that bottom knuckle. Using the wrong tool for the job at hand, that will do it every time.
I computer works, runs fast and I haven't had any major problems - YET.

Consulting job going well. We are trying to decide on a couple of things. Like Camera equipment. Not sure how much he really wants to spend. Hmmm, think the guys is looking at overly expensive stuff for what he's doing.

Ok, I wrote an entire paragraph that most of you would have had your eyes glaze over in 2 seconds. Lets just say - I spent a lot of time playing with a video editor program today and unfortunately because it is a trial version - it would not let me save anything to show to other people. I can not get it out to tape or CD. UGH
The graphics - words and stuff- have great effects (flying around and stuff) and I would really like to make them work in my other program. Don't see that happening too soon. Anyone wanna give me $400 to buy this new program....... Pinnacle Liquid Edition --- The new computer runs it well. (hmm Christmas early gift from a bunch of you. LOL)

Well, I guess that covers today. Tom and I got some painting done yesterday. I guess I should go do some more. Did a lot of laundry and am packed to take off. Good news, should only be $50 to rent the trailer to bring the stuff home from mom's. Hey- Aunt Pat, I think I want a delivery fee for all the stuff I'm bringing back for you. LOL (They claim I should go 45mph, duh - sure I wanna get run over.)

(ring, ring) That was the chiropractors office asking if I'm gonna get off my butt and get in there. Yep, so I have to run. Enjoy the strange weather we are having.

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