Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The New Walls

Yes, the walls are up in the basement.
I can hardly believe the difference it makes in how it looks. Your eye goes right to the shelves and they look cool.
I started doing the primer on the walls on Monday. OW, my back and shoulders hurt. I got almost the whole main room done. I have to do the bedroom and probably do another coat. I have a gallon of Killz to do the bathroom, the hall and the laundry room, and probably the doors. Hmm, I may have left over primer, anyone doing new drywall.....

Job Search
I took the consulting job as a part time worker for the guy. I might work 20 hours a week for them, depending on what is going on. This week I am going to set up their computer for editing and try to get them to finish something small.
They need to do something from beginning to end to see it isn't that hard to really do.
I stopped by Ritz and told Gordon I would like to work. I stopped by yesterday (had to fax stuff at UPS next door) and Sandi was in. She seemed interested in having me come back. I guess she does like me...... lol
I turned in my paperwork - most of it - to sub again in the Walled Lake district. Need to see if they are doing Building subs and go see the principal next door.
I HAVE AN INTERVIEW FOR A TEACHING JOB. Yep, one of the charter schools called to invite me to an interview. Going on Thursday. No idea what I would be teaching and what grades. I have had several charter schools call and ask me questions, this is the first interview. Hope, I like the place. OH YEAH, the good news. It is no farther than driving from Wixom to Ferndale. (where I used to live, once upon a time.) The school is on Outer Drive near Greenfield, so really not a bad trip for me. Traffic will depend on what time school starts.
That is all that is happening here. I must be working hard in some way, cause I can't get rid of the circles under my eyes. Oh, may go to Mom and Dad's next week if I don't get the teaching job.
Take care
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