Friday, August 06, 2004

Friday Fun

Tom is home and now bugging Scott, so how much work is going to get done. UGH

I have my consulting meeting at 11am. Hope to get about 30-40 dollars an hour. I tried to look up peoples prices and that seems fairly resonable.

Has anyone checked out the JIBJAB blog. OH MY - the comments get interesting. Someone linked the letter from Ludlow about making them yank the movie and copyright infringement on the music. OH well, what did you expect.

Monroe County Fair

It was an interesting day. I think I burnt my nose - again, as usual. I saw many people and added a few pictures to the blog. I sort of have the urge to tell everyone about the accident in the Stock areana with the Draft Horses, but I'm guessing you can get it from the Monroe News or something. The good news is, no one died - and the horse in question did get up. The guy who got hurt went to the hospital and from the last news I heard, he had lost a finger - but they may have found it. All this is from watching it happen - ewww. And then talking to people who know a paramedic who was out there.

It was great to see people and I think we are going to try to get out there on Saturday and hook up with Michael and who ever follows him in.
take care

ps. Checked the Monroe News online - nothing in there yet.

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