Friday, August 20, 2004

At the Parents House

Good news. I got the parents computer up and running again.
After Ron did all the work on it, the hard drive decided it couldn't take it anymore and gave up the ghost.
Everyone will have to send mom and dad at least one e-mail to get all of the addresses back into their computer. If you do it before Sunday I can then back up their e-mail addresses and we won't have to do this again any time soon.
By the way, lots of the family has new e-mails and I certainly don't have them. Please check and see that you have my address and just send a quick note. I know the e-mail address is listed on the new house notification I sent out forever ago. Its green.......

My counselor from Wayne did email me back and I have 4 classes to take. Joy, but I know what they are and can try to start scheduling them in.

The weather is nice in Tenn. and mom and I are going shopping today. Need to find some conservative stuff for working at the Charter School. Ewwww Oh well. It's almost time for the mall to open so I have to bail.
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