Sunday, August 01, 2004

I can Hardly believe it is AUGUST.

Hurray, Tom had the weekend off.
We went visiting on Saturday. Amy and Todd had a nice party and lots of people were still arriving when Tom and I were trying to leave. We had to be in Toledo to see my friend Mike Wyzard from the old days of AOL. (oh my)
Tom tried the Foam fighting. hmmmm Not supposed to hit people in the head....

Saturday became VERY LONG, when we got caught for an hour and a 1/2 on the freeway and went a total of 3 miles. NOT KIDDING - it was really bad. So, our 6pm arrival in Toledo wound up being about 8:30pm. ewwwww

We saw Mike and his new wife Gweneth on their stop over before doing a tour of Canada on the way back to California. OH MY

By the time we left and headed home, we got back about Midnight. Mike Willinger was still holding court on his deck, although we felt a bit tired to stop by. And of course Paul Thoma was no where to be found, we still haven't met the girlfriend. Can't say she is a new girlfriend anymore, but to us she is. Oh well, we'll try again.

SO, SUNDAY. From the pictures you can see we are tearing out the walls in the basement. Scott is coming over Monday to start on the insanity. Tom wants to move some of the walls around, I'm thinking - BIG PAIN. But, we'll see. The drop ceiling has been and even bigger pain than taking down the walls.

I FINISHED THE LIST - Hurray. It came out to a tidy sum. Now, if they will pay up.......

Have a great day. Yes, this week we decide. I'm afraid we may have to wait till next year.

HEY, when is everyone going to be out at the fair grounds? I want to try to hook up with people.
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