Tuesday, August 03, 2004


It is Tuesday and Everyone wants to KNOW.......

Yes, I know, I said I would tell everyone on Monday. Well, I have been a little busy. Monday was spent working with Scott to figure out what we could do in the basement and buy the stuff to do it. From the pictures you can see that we found a few more of those HOLES in the basement walls. That was not a fun prospect. I bought the stuff and got the wrong tube for getting it deep into the wall. Anyway - Tuesday morning I was able to fill the holes and paint over the ugly black stuff the previous owners had used to fill holes.

So, VEGAS. What did we decide?

I called them today to talk about stuff. I found e-mail from the extremly nice woman (have talked to her today) who is to be my mentor for moving and everything. I called the personnel department to let them know that I really would not be able to come out there this year, unless we came up with something right away. She was extrememly simpathetic.
We talked for a bit and she decided that we should really try to get Tom interested in being a School Police officer. They would send him to the academy. WHOO -HOO, that is what he wanted to do. So, currently I am waiting to hear from the woman in charge of hiring for the school police and then I'd get her connected to Tom.
I just got off the phone with Tom and he promised to be open about this opportunity. He is a little afraid of the salary - about 30,000 I am guessing. But the personnel director said they wind up with a good deal of over time. I'm guessing the games and other events at the schools.

So, the bottom line. I have informed them that we probably wont make it and I would love to stay in the pool to come out next year. I am going to wait until tomorrow to mail stuff off. I am going to use this last 24 hours to see if we can get Tom to be a School Police Officer. They would obviously look at him seriously because they asked me to work there.
Yes, there is a bit of Nepotism, but I guess that is how you get people to come work for you......

Thanks for all your support. I should have final news tomorrow or Thursday.

Check out the pics of the basement.
Narrah started her own blog. If you know her and are interested. www.naarah.blogspot.com

Have a great day.
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