Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

Well, I started cleaning the house.
Joy, ok so I have been trying to pack and get ready to bail and run to my parents. It doesn't look like I will get out of here today. I'm not happy about that at all.

BACK TO COLLEGE - I spent some time figuring out what I need to do to get a major in English. I don't actually have enough English classes to cover that little stipulation in the "No child left behind" crap. So, I looked up what is being offered this fall and found about 5 classes that might just fit in the categories that I need. Of course, most of them are offered at the same time, or might be full.
If I don't get the job, I need to take about 11 credits. It might be 7 if they accept the journalism class from State. If I do get the job, I need to take at least one of them. I am trying to get an evening class. I like Wayne for that reason. They try to offer things in the evening for the working people, most of the people that go there drive in for class.
unfortunately, all the classes are being offered downtown and not out here at Oakland branch.
I e-mailed my counselor and hopefully he doesn't make me come do an appointment and everything. He can look up what I have as fast as I can and also he has forms that just get filled out. You mark off what you have taken and it leaves what choices you have listed to take.

PHOTOS - I added some misc. pictures from around the house. I know most people haven't seen all the silly things we have around here. Nice gifts from people and our new (old) canoe. Oh, yeah, camouflage.

I think I have run out of things to do while waiting for them to call. I am very tempted just to leave town. They can call on my cell phone and I can get down to Tennessee. I really had plans.
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