Sunday, August 29, 2004

Sorry, almost a whole week

There hasn't been much going on.
I went to the all school meeting on Thursday and met a few of the other people we have hired for the high school. We met a good number of the people from the middle and grade school. The one major thing that was stressed at the meeting - GET Direct Deposit. Well, I have been doing the for ages, so no sweat there.
I spent a few hours Wednesday and Friday working as a consultant. We video taped on Wednesday and then started some major editing on Friday. The owner, Allen, needs to practice pausing between thoughts. Makes it easier to edit.
I figure that I'll be getting phone calls this week on how to help them edit. I think they will do ok. We added some pictures and need to add the phone numbers and stuff. It doesn't look 1/2 bad.

Saturday, well Rain and this morning also. We were going to Ren Fest, but being rained on all day was not something that interested us. So, we'll go later. Instead we spent the afternoon with Rob and Naarah. Now that they live near Yspilanti it gets harder to spend time with them.
We saw the movie HERO, and I liked it. I was afraid they weren't going to do the sub-titles this time. I have seen Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon in English and I have to tell you - it STINKS. But this movie is in Sub-Titles and the COLOR is amazing. Not sure if he did a lot in filters or if they did it in computers. They had to erase a ton of wires from the fight scenes, sooo they may have done most of the color in the computers.

Today, I think we are going to get some painting done. If both of us work on it, we should get a good portion done and be ready to start the color. Have to try not to over do it this time. I don't want to be sore all week.

MONDAY - I start work. Need to be there at 9am. Hopefully we will start figuring out which classroom is which. I'll take my camera with me. :~)
I just found a whole ton of books that I need to pick up - or get the school to acquire for me. I like Borders, they did a whole display on writing and stuff. Very useful, I could max out a credit card doing that. lol

Have a good day. New pictures soon.
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